Whitewaters Country Hotel – Julie & Gareth

Gareth and Julie married at the Llangollen Methodist Church on the banks of the River Dee on Saturday 7th August. The day did not go completely smoothly, but the end result was the best one – a great party! Julie’s car broke down on her way from Liverpool to Llangollen, pushing the schedule to it’s limit – with the ceremony not starting until 3.30pm and food at the venue at 4.30pm, running late put the pressure on for photography 🙂

However, Gareth was really laid back and took it all in his stride – I won’t add the picture of him looking worried waiting in the church! This wedding was an English Welsh union, although the congregation were spared having to sing Welsh hymns to their relief and the bride and groom have agreed to become Scwelsh (Scouse-Welsh)…

The venue was the Whitewaters Country Hotel in Llangollen, which has some lovely views at the back down to the river. Here are a selection of pictures from their day.

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