This is our 2012 wedding photography year in 139 images! We have picked out some of our favourites, but really we could have split this over 2 or 3 posts as there are so many. The difficulty with single images is picking ones that tell a story, otherwise you are viewing them out of context – you’ll have to make your own story for some of these! 🙂

It has been a great year and we have progressed in so many ways. We are so fired up for 2013, we can’t wait to get started on Feb 2nd when it starts all over again. Expect another year of great images and fun. Join our Facebook page as we don’t blog everything (as much as we’d like to), but most weddings do get a sneak peek posted on there within 24 hours. And if you haven’t yet, please pop over to the Wedding Belles 2012 Wedding Photo of the Year page and vote for us (Image #9!!).

Marie & Jason x

Thanks to Albert Palmer for this one!

As always, we’d like to talk to you if you are getting married in 2013 or 2014. We have limited 2013 places available, but get in touch with your date and see if we are free. Please share with your friends and drop us a comment below!