Marie + Jason – 2017 review

January 2017 feels like such a long time ago now but also still like yesterday when you think about the weddings. I am still wrapping up wedding albums from 2017 and it always brings such a huge smile to my face creating these family heirlooms for people to share and pass on memories and their story for generations to come. What’s always great though is every wedding day morning I arrive with the bride and there is just love, smiles and excitement and it’s infectious. The first time you see the dress hanging up, it’s always magical. I can never get over how year on year dresses still manage to remain as beautiful and fresh as the year I started wedding photography.

2018 is into our 10TH year of doing wedding photography. So that’s a really good milestone for us. Time has flown by.

In 2017 I think couples got the balance right we saw the right amount of budget spent on things that would mean something to them after the wedding day, I always say the things that will last is the rings and the photos and video if chosen so it’s always worth spending a bit more on these things.

Let’s hope for an amazing 2018 and here are some of the special moments from 2017…


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