Inglewood Manor – Amalia & Gordon

Fancy seeing a wedding at Inglewood Manor? This is Jason’s first solo event, not quite a full on wedding, but a celebration for the UK side of Amalia and Gordons family. Some things that life throws at you are unexpected. Getting married in California in the rain and celebrating in March in the UK in glorious sunshine is unexpected. That’s what got thrown at Amalia and Gordon who came over to Inglewood Manor to celebrate their marriage with Gordon’s family who live on the Wirral. What got thrown at me was – “can we do formal group shots in 15 minutes time?”, as we were about to start these portraits! Well, I did push a bit more time out and Amalia braved the UK cold (which was a virtual heatwave to us!) for a little longer than that, but not much. The family were fine, the bar and lounge at Inglewood is very welcoming with it’s roaring fire so I don’t think they missed us too much and I think the results are worth it!

I hope you like them, this was a lot of fun! I have to post the finished set off to Washington DC now to hopefully meet them at their new home. 🙂

Table layout - Inglewood Manor Wedding (1)

Bride and Groom in bright sun - Inglewood Manor Wedding (2)

Bride and groom silhouette - Inglewood Manor Wedding (3)

Bride and groom in gardens - Inglewood Manor Wedding (4)

Funky cool bride and groom shot - Inglewood Manor Wedding (5)

Arty bride and groom walking - Inglewood Manor Wedding (6)

Bride and groom in front of Inglewood Manor (7)

Reflection portrait - Inglewood Manor Wedding (8)

Scenic bride and groom portrait - Inglewood Manor Wedding (9)

Sunset at Inglewood Manor Wedding (10)

The driveway - Inglewood Manor Wedding (11)

Walking B&G - Inglewood Manor Wedding (12)

Kissing portrait under street light - Inglewood Manor Wedding (13)

Portrait with night sky - Inglewood Manor Wedding (14)

If you are getting married here and looking for an Inglewood Manor Wedding Photographer, please get in touch as we’d love to speak to you about your plans.


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