I recently attended a photography lighting workshop which was fab. Considering it was about lighting I picked up some great tips on posing! I am going to share some here so that my gorgeous brides will now how to look fab on the day.

Girls it starts with the feet!

Ok, so to start just stand up as if you are waiting for a bus! I bet that you have probably shifted more weight to one leg than the other and this causes your hips to counter act the balance and be slightly tilted. Now imagine standing up and someone points a camera at you, you probably have your feet pointed forward and your legs straight. In turn the rest of your body has probably followed and you will look at the resulting picture and say something like I don’t feel like I look like that in real life.

So what can you do with your feet?

The easiest feet position is to move your back foot (the one furthest away from the camera) 90 degrees sideways and place your weight on that back foot, then place your other foot in front so your feet are in a T shape. The key is to practice it so it feels natural on the wedding day.

Work your way up!

Lean your hip towards the camera at an angle and place your hand on your hips – it can create a lovely slimming effect. Having your hand on your hip can make it look slimmer and more toned. And remember with hands a slight bend back, in your wrist is best. A tip is to imagine you are holding a cigarette to your mouth and this is how your hand should be.

When you pose, to look thinner, keep your shoulder to the camera and avoid facing the camera straight on. Hide behind the groom a little or tuck into his armpit to slim yourself down. Drop your shoulders, raise your chin slightly, and imaging that you are being pulled by a string at the top of your head. Practice, practice, practice!!!

Don’t look down. Tilt the head a bit sideways to hide the chin. The most important part – is confidence! Remember that and you will look so stunning on your day. Reflect this, be confident and we will do the rest. If you have the chance for an engagement shoot prior to your wedding, we will have your posing covered. We will get you to laugh by telling you the best jokes ever (disclaimer: we are not comedians in any shape or form so just pretend to laugh 🙂 ) for those natural shots and give you subtle tweaks to get your best stance for the camera. If you have these things covered before your day you will be more relaxed and confident for your wedding.

To put these tips in to practice, book yourself an engagement shoot, they are worth their weight in gold. Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you on your big day!

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