Rebekah and David are so friendly you feel so relaxed with the two of them just like you have known them forever. The wedding took place at the Grosvenor Pulford where those that know about the amazing service will have probably raved just as I am now about Maurice and Alistair. The room layout at the Grosvenor was spectacular complete with light curtain backdrop.

The ceremony itself was lovely, Rebekah who is just a natural smiler was giving her new husband some beautiful glances making photography gold. After the ceremony the sun had already set and so we set up some lights and got some amazing after dark photography which is so romantic.

The speeches were hysterical complete with slideshow and a pretty embarrassing photo!! I want to wish both Rebekah and David an amazing honeymoon which I am completely jealous about and thank them so much for choosing us as their photographers. Please leave a comment for the happy couple below.