I had a great pre wedding photography session with Chloe and Ian (which I need to blog and I promise to do it soon but you can see a few on my Facebook page for now). Chloe and Ian are really fun to be around, I personally think they are opposites that attracted but as a perfect piece for each other.

The day started at Chloe’s house where there were 6 of the most well behaved bridesmaids (didn’t last much longer than the ceremony). Everyone was really friendly and it was a lovely relaxed morning with a few tears! Both Chloe and Ian have a lovely set of friends.

The ceremony was lovely; there were some great moments with the rings getting a little stuck and some teary moments which were lovely.
The confetti was great, Chloe and Ian had stuck confetti bags to the back of the order of service which was a fab idea and worked really well.

We then headed to the venue were me met the fantastic Staffordshire toast master and a special mention (and I don’t often do these) goes out to the staff at Tern Hill Hall who were fantastic. The food was waiting for us as soon as the couple were announced in, which is a rarity, a lot of the time we are served last or completely forgotten and then we are left rushing our food down before the speeches start. I felt the staff were completely relaxed and really well managed and I am sure all the guests would share the same sentiment.

Anyway stop me harping on and let the wedding photographs speak for themselves. This is the sneak peek, the rest in around 3-4 weeks will be available in the client section.

Love Marie x