Last weekend we decided to have a ring photograph competition to see who could get the best ring shot between Jason and Marie. In an hour. Without each other seeing what we were doing. 🙂

All sorts of ideas were thrown around, followed by much sneaking around so no ideas could be stolen and finally the results were broadcast to the world of Facebook. You voted in your ten’s and now we have a winner…. But who took the winning shot and who will be crowned Ringmaster 2010?? The Lord (or Lady) of the Rings winner is below!!

The most popular shot with 22 votes.

And it was taken by….. drum roll…


Other worthy contenders were -7 votes for the rings driving a car – extra merit points to Marie for being creative here!

7 votes for the flying rings. We have a great idea for a development on this – you’ll see it next year at a real wedding!

5 people liked the wintery cherries

4 people liked the etch a sketch

4 votes for this one, a variation on the car (seriously – this is as good as the etch a sketch???)

3 votes for the dodgy iPod pic – this didn’t really turn out as planned, but you have to try!

This was good fun, thanks for voting!! 🙂