Lion Quays – Nat & Chris

This week it was our great pleasure to be the guests at the wedding of our friends Natalie and Chris at the Lion Quays, Oswestry. We were not the official photographers and it was nice to watch somebody else do all the hard work, running around getting pictures, rounding up groups and making sure they were finished in time for the food. It’s quite odd seeing someone else do it when you normally do it yourself and can sympathise with how tough it can be – made us realise why we are so tired after a day shooting!

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to shoot a few wedding portraits for Nat & Chris, so we stayed discreet all day and didn’t get in the way but once the official photographer had gone it was play time. We took them down to the canal to use the pontoons, found one which had a nice background without boats in the way and when the light was just right set them up for some really nice portraits. A couple of off camera flashes helped emphasise the blue sky and reflected it in the water. There was literally a 3 or 4 minute window for these while the light was just right, but I think you will agree it is worth getting out there at the right time!

Nat & Chris, we had a fab time and you both looked AMAZING!!

Much love, Marie x

Lion Quays (1)

Lion Quays (2)

Lion Quays (3)

Lion Quays (4)

Lion Quays (5)

Lion Quays (6)

Lion Quays (7)

Lion Quays (8)

Lion Quays (9)

Lion Quays (10)

Lion Quays (11)

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