Jason wanted to test a few new lights we have recently added to the collection and took his lovely volunteers to Delamere forest which is a popular pre wedding shoot location for us. We usually do practice sessions in Autumn/winter as this tends to be the quieter wedding season and so we brave the cold, wind and rain and get to it!

We got a chance to utilise some light techniques we wanted to try even though the rain was fierce on the day and we got some cool stuff and below are a small selection of the shots. If you want to volunteer (couples only) for a shoot over winter please get in touch, however we only do around 2 a year and this year’s spots are full, but we will add you to the list and get in touch as and when needed.

delamere forest photo shootdelameredelameredelameredelamereOne of things we strive to do is to stay at the forefront of the latest technology, processes and styles. We want to be leaders in the market and therefore try to undertake a lot of personal work to brush up on our skills and to test put new lights, techniques and equipment.