The inspiration behind the storytelling

I want to share something very dear to my heart in this blog post and that’s my Mum. My mum, June, died when I was 16 and her loss has truly been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with and I am still deal with now.

A poet may write about their experiences and a song writer sings it in their songs. Wedding photography is art to me and it’s story telling. It tells the story of life, it’s a gathering of all generations in a family and there are some amazing moments that I love to capture. My Mum has inspired me to be graceful and kind, and most importantly she loved me and this makes me smile.

What I hope more than anything is that I capture those split second looks that you give your loved ones, that tell a thousand words.

Without my mum on my wedding day…

Not having my mum on my wedding day was really tough. I felt like I needed to integrate her in my day somehow, so I wore her ring and Jason touchingly mentioned her in his speech for me. But that day I also gained a wonderful family. I have a lovely photograph that was taken on my wedding day with my mother in law Pauline, we just both look so relaxed and happy and it really makes me feel happy.

The inspiration

When I suggested to Jason that I try and integrate my mother into my business somehow he suggested I added a small symbol somewhere to an image. I am not sure yet how I am going to integrate her in. I am looking at a rebrand soon so maybe I will add something in there.

She is already integrated subconsciously with my photography and that comes out in the special glances of love, the totally natural and unique moments that you share with your loved ones that I love to capture. Relationships are special and weddings are a celebration of these, whether the relationships are with those with us now or those that have passed. And I hope that I capture lots of gorgeous moments that you will treasure forever, of your look of love at your new husband or wife, your child, mother, father, gran, friends or relatives.

I hope you enjoy the photos below and hopefully I will capture some of those for you. xx

For my Mum xx