Jason and I decided to visit Chester last Saturday and took a camera to do a touch of photography while we were there. OMG it was so cold I cannot tell you! We had this weird rain where it is like -3 but the rain doesn’t fall as hail. Instead, it freezes instantly when it hits the ground making an invisible layer of ice – so I’ve found out since nearly falling on my back countless times trying to get back to the car! Because of this we did not want to stop and pose or take pictures of anything for fear of losing our toes to frostbite! So we managed a tiny total of only two pictures, plus a few in Macdonalds as we tried to defrost!

However, we have decided the Chester walls (when not covered in lethal sheet ice) are an amazing place for a shoot. So, if you are looking for an idea on where to have wedding photography in Chester or an engagement shoot, Chester Walls is a great spot.

Marie and Hayden on the Chester City Walls
Hayden and I half frozen to death…

River Dee Chester Showboats - Lady Diana and Mark Twain
The Lady Diana and Mark Twain boats on the river.