Our Style


I look into the brides eyes and I look for her beauty. I look for the special glance she gives her new husband, the feeling of pride and love for him. I look for the tender look the Groom returns and the gentle kiss he gives to let his bride know she is the most amazing person in his life. I look for the romance that the guests feel from the love of the day. The fun they have together, the tears cried during the speeches the emotion and the belly laughs! From the start of the day until the end I look for the story, I want to feel the day from my images.


Moment photography. That’s what I do. I love to catch those brief instances in time, the ones you don’t see that pass in the blink of an eye. A look… a touch… a smile… a fraction of a second, and it’s gone. Those are the things we look to capture on a wedding day – the things you can’t get back. All day I look for those moments that tell the story, then I’ll rock your portraits with some great lighting. Detailing your love on your wedding day is what I will preserve for you.