In May, Sarah and Mike will be getting married at the fabulous Plas Hafod in Mold. Last weekend, we joined them at Moss Valley for an engagement shoot. Marie was feeling a little under the weather and so I (Jason) led the way leaving Marie time to experiment with her favoured 50mm prime. Although that sounds like some sort of Canon (and it is, just not the ballistic type) it is actually a fixed length lens which is very sharp, works well in low light and gives a beautiful perspective. It also gave Marie time to try some different compositions and they came out beautifully – I’ll point them out below… This first shot is from the 50mm.

- Moss Valley Engagement (1)

- Moss Valley Engagement (2)

- Moss Valley Engagement (3)

- Moss Valley Engagement (4)

When your aunt chops peoples heads off in photo’s it is bad, when a photographer does it, it is art….
- Moss Valley Engagement (5)

It didn’t take long for Sarah to become a natural – Mike on the other hand was happy from the start. He had new trainers you see and they gave him Ninja powers.
- Moss Valley Engagement (6)

- Moss Valley Engagement (7)

I love this. As promised, this is one of Marie’s compositional experiments with our own blend of black and white toning. No photoshop actions here!
- Moss Valley Engagement (8)

Does this remind you of subbuteo? And another of Marie’s awesome ‘big’ shots.
- Moss Valley Engagement (9)

- Moss Valley Engagement (10)

We are looking forward to Sarah and Mike’s big day now that they are fully trained in the art of modelling. Possibly my jokes need a little work though… 🙂