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Bronte + Andy – Mitton Hall, Clitheroe

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Bronte and Andy were married at St Lawrence’s Church in Preston, Lancashire on an amazing British summer’s day. We had some of the sunniest weddings I think I have ever had this year and this was no exception. The beautiful church was undergoing some restoration work and I would love to go back and see it in its full glory it really is a wonderful picturesque church.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Emily + Andrew – Marquee Cheshire

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Emily and Andrew giggle together in such a heart-warming way. They are both lovers of animals and the outdoors and have a lovely set of family and friends. They got married near Emily’s parents’ house in St Leonard’s Church is in the village of Warmingham, Cheshire.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Rachel + Mike – Marquee, Macclesfield

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Rachel + Mike are friendly, smiley and warm and a pleasure to be around. They have a great set of family and friends and had the most beautiful wedding and a fantastic day. They were married in Siddington Church which is well worth a visit if you are around that way as it is just simply exquisite.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Laura + Alex – Tower Hill Barns

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Laura and Alex, when an American lady finds her English Prince. It really is a fairy tale wedding story. They met at work, at sea, where relationships are frowned upon, so they tried to be friends for a long while but inevitably they were perfect for each other and are now making a new chapter in their lives.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Cari + Thomas – Tyn Dwr Hall

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Cari and Tom were one of the last weddings we did out of an amazing group of friends we have photographed weddings for over the years. They are both lovely people, very chilled and content in each other’s company. They are amazing parents and friends and you couldn’t ask to work with nicer people.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Sarita + Chris – Inglewood Manor

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Sarita and Chris are both a gorgeous couple on the outside and definitely inside too. Venue – So we have been to Inglewood Manor many years ago but for me it felt like a new visit. Firstly we want to say how fantastic the wedding coordinator was I believe his name was Martin.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Nicola + Dan – Colshaw Hall

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Nicola and Dan are both very laid back, smiley happy people. They are a couple who are easy to get along with and were just a dream to work with. Venue – So Colshaw Hall was a new venue for us and it was a gorgeous hot day.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Gemma + Daniel – Tyn Dwr Hall

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The Bride & Groom – Gemma and Daniel are one of those couples you know almost never argue, make time for each other and are probably an example to us all of how to adore each other. Venue – The Venue was Tyn Dwr Hall which was my first wedding at the venue.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

Stacey + Oliver – Shropshire Marquee Wedding

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Stacey and Oliver were married in St Swithun’s church in Cheswardine, Shropshire where her sister had got married a few months previously. I got to chatting to a lovely man there who was helping with the church who was married 72 years.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

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Gareth + Ben – Iscoyd Park

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How you met – A mutual friend suspected we might get along so engineered a Christmas Party and invited us both. We got chatting and the rest is history! The proposal – We always go away during the same week in July to coincide with Ben’s Birthday and my summer holidays.… CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL POST

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