North Wales wedding photography is not all about rolling panorama’s, Ye Olde Castles, fluffy clouds and fields full of sheep! Sometimes all we have to work with is a car park, a small venue or less than perfect weather and it is important to be able to adapt to whatever is available.

Many times we have been asked by new enquiries if we have shot at a venue before. I’m not sure if it is magazines that put it in peoples head that a photographer needs to have shot somewhere before in order to pull out great work, but it is simply not true. A decent photographer can make the most humble surroundings look fantastic with a 5 minute scout around. That’s exactly what happened here in the car park at Brymbo Cricket Club.

Jason had a look around outside while I took room shots and followed the bride and groom for a few minutes. At the back of the car park he noticed this puddle, mounds of snow and an interesting looking tree and we put them all together to create this really unusual image.

North Wales Wedding Photography by Marie Lloyd - Bride and Groom Portrait

What do you think? And next time someone tells you your photographer should have shot somewhere before, tell them every time you visit a venue the sun is in a different place, the weather is different and the trees and gardens will look different, so you can plan pictures all you like but on the day things may change.

By the way, this is how it looked from the back with Jason lying in the grass!

Jason lying in the grass to take a photograph of a bride and groom.

Marie x