Laura + Tom – Thornton Hall

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Best bits

My favourite part of the day had to be the ice creams. They clearly brought the weather with them as well. The ice creams where just a fantastic touch.

Favourite Décor from the day

Laura had some beautiful décor but I loved her mail bag to collect the cards I thought it was fantastic. But the top décor has to go to the favours which represented family members who have sadly passed it was a beautiful tribute.

Favourite wedding photograph

My favourite wedding photograph is the shot with the sunset the first one on the blog post. I love how it’s come together. I really wasn’t sure at first as the sun was so strong that day and my flashes certainly had a heavy workout!

What three things come to mind when you think of the wedding.

1. Emotional, there were a few tears!
2. Giggly… there was much more laughter
3. The weather… omg the ice cream company joked that they always bring the weather! Well they too good a job I could have down with a cloud or two! (photographers never happy!)


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